Saturday, August 12, 2017

Sweet Mornings.

I was recently reminded the simple act of having a morning routine. 

I've always been the girl who would wake up turn on some music, make a tea or coffee, and just enjoy the quiet before beginning the day. And when we first moved into our home, nearly 2 years ago, I had a set routine. I became a morning person - and I loved it. My mornings were my favorite because of how simple they were and how mindful I was of the short time my coffee and I had together. But then, I started Cosmetology school and I had to change my whole routine. Getting up at 6:30 to be to school by 8 does that. And the only morning time I had was sunday and monday mornings in which I chose to sleep in since I was lacking in sleep the rest of the week. 

Now that I'm 6 months out of the "school routine," and I can set my own schedule, which lets be real, is the best part about my job, I have begun to establish a small routine for myself again. The morning sun and I are becoming friends again and I'm not complaining one bit.  
My Routine as Follows:

  • Wake Up and get attacked by puppy kisses.
  • Let the Dog outside & make the bed while he is doing his thing.
  • Light some incense & turn on our himalayan salt rock lamp.
  • Make Coffee & Feed the Dog. 
  • Enjoy my Coffee & Do my morning devotional.
  • Write in my Journal. 
  • Start My Day. 

It's been a while since I've truly enjoyed my mornings. I'm learning that it's not just the routine I missed, between enjoying a hot cup of coffee and doing my devotional..It's Me that I missed. Ever so often I get the glimpse of "there she is" smiling back at me; and that's easily become my favorite part of my mornings. Have I mentioned I am falling in love with blogging again? That's become a morning ritual of mine as well - remembering why I started blogging. Missed my last post? HERE! And with that, it's time to enjoy the rest of my morning before our crazy saturday begins here in a overcast and cold San Diego! 

Always Remember to Be your Own Kind of Beautiful & Love, Love, Love!

Sunday, August 6, 2017

And Me, I am Here.

Open Blogger. Read last post. Decided to write. Type. Type. Erase. Type. Erase. 3 Paragraphs. Deletes one. Draft. 1 month passes.

Open Blogger. Decided to Write. Type. Erase. Type. Type. Draft. 1 month passes. 

Open Blogger. Decide to Write. Type. Type. 3 Paragraphs. Photo. Draft. 1 month passes. 

This has been my cycle since at least march. While going through cosmetology school I had zero to no time to even think about blogging. And then I graduated and got my license. Score. I can blog again. and then, type..type..erase..draft. It's been a constant cycle of no motivation to me being a perfectionist to me so wrapped up on the words I felt needed to be said perfectly in a sentence held together by the perfect grammar that I was so imperfect at in high school. I, consumed by needing to be the perfect blogger with all the amazing photos that I take with my $600 camera. I consumed by needing to open my blogger with a already planned out topic to write about. DIY. Do it yourself, I made a homemade scrub out of ingredients from my kitchen - false, I couldn't make a pinterest craft if my life depended on it. I, consumed with the thought of buying all the new high end makeup so I could write the best review in the world. Type. Type. Erase. Type. Photo. Draft. Deletes Draft. Forgets about the topic. Closes Blog. 6 Months passed. 1 year passed and I can count the amount of posts on one hand. 

Writing became tiring. I have forgotten that 14 year old girl sitting in her room with wide eyes on the world of connecting through words on a page. Forgotten that 16 year old who just had her heart broke for the first time crying onto her keyboard as she searches for words that she cannot find in a song. Forgotten that 17 year old spilling her tears and heart ache on to the never ending post of a blog who was 3 years old but lived so young. Forgotten that 19 year old so wrapped up in saving someone wrapped up in a pill of lies while she spilled the words of "you matter" and "how can I help," from the tips of her fingers. Forgotten that 20year old who just met a boy who little did she knew would change her world so she told the secrets to a pen that wouldn't tell anyone but a paper that would get ripped up and thrown in the trash a day later.  Forgotten the 21 year old whose broken friendship was dealt with by spilling blood, shaken hands, throat so swollen from choking on tears that only felt weightless when typing on a keyboard. Forgotten the 23 year old excited about marrying the love of her life and wrote down every single butterfly zooming around her heart so she didn't forget a thing. Forgotten. 

12:50am. Speedracer is on his back, hands folded over his chest as he snores because his head isn't on his pillow. The dog pushing against my legs for comfort as he cuddles to get out of the way of the fan pointed towards the bed. and Me...I'm Here. Hello old Friend, I almost didn't recognize you. 


Saturday, May 27, 2017

6 Mascara's You'll Love

Top 6 Mascara

Mascara is a staple in my beauty routine - it's the product that I'd make sure I have with me if ever stranded on an island. And yes I'm currently watching LOST on netflix so naturally I'm making a list of what I would want with me with I'm ever in their position. Mascara is just that. oh, and highlight. but that's for another time. 

I'm always searching for a great mascara because I am not a fan of false lashes for daily wear. If you are, I'm envious, because I cannot bring myself to wake up each morning and just pop on some lashes unless there's a special event going on that day. And so, I look for the mascara that will give me the most fullness and length. 

I've narrowed it down to 6 of my favorite mascara's, because honestly I have about 14 I could easily talk about, but I thought I'd tell you about 6 that are from different prices ranges. I'm all about a fair variety. 

"Great Lash" - By Maybelline
Okay, We'd all be lying if we said this wasn't our first mascara we every owned. My mom has been using this mascara for atleast 27 years now and she loves it. This was the first mascara I ever owned and I still keep it in my collection. I think it's perfect to use on those days when you want your makeup to be light but long wearing. "Great Lash" is also in my top 3 favorite Low Lash Mascara List.

Brand Claims: Fullness, Lash-doubling formula, Glides on with Ease, No Build Up.

Price: $6.40
Online Shopper: BUY HERE

"Voluminous Volume Building" - L'Oreal Paris
Voluminous has been my ride or die for as long as great lash by maybelline. This is my #1 favorite mascara for the lower lash line. It doesn't get clumpy or messy, it applies equally to make all lashes stand out, and it adds just enough length. I'm don't like when my lower lashes look like spider legs so I try to ward off any mascara that could make them look long and stringy. Luckily, this mascara does the opposite. It defines the lower lash line and adds fullness with just a little bit of length for those of us with super fine and short lashes. 

Brand Claims: Separates and builds lashes, 5X fuller lashes, resists clumping, smoothes and softens lashes. 

Price: $7.29

Online Shopper: BUY HERE 

"Organic Wear 100% Natural Mascara" Physicians Formula
I discovered this mascara on a spur of the moment purchase. I had been hearing about Physicians Formula but hadn't bought anything from them yet. But you know that when I heard about their mascaras, I just had to go grab one...5 years later and I'm oh so glad I did. This Mascara is my #1 drugstore mascara. It lengthens and adds volume to you lashes while keeping them looking natural. If you're not a false lash wearing person like me, this mascara will be your best friend!

Brand Claims: Provides 5X Lash Boosting for Lash Length, Volume,  and definition. Hypo-allergenic, parabens free; free of clumping, smudging, or flaking. 

Price: $9.95

    Online Shopper: BUY HERE

"Tarte Cosmetic's: Lights, Camera, Lashes 4-n-1 Mascara"
If you're looking for a few great mascaras you could find at places like Ulta or Sephora - Tarte is for you. This is one of my favorite high-end mascaras and has been since it came out. It's pretty expensive for mascara but the quality and formulation makes it worth it. My normal lashes aren't very long and I don't feel like I have too much  fullness, which is why I really love using Tarte's Mascara. (Tarte can do no wrong when it comes to cosmetics). 

Brand Claims: Vegan Lengthening, curling, volumizing & conditioning mascara. 

Price: $23.00

Online Shopper: BUY HERE

"Too Faced" : Better than Sex Mascara
Like I've said previously, I'm not a false lash wearing kind of gal - that's what I love about Too Faced Mascara; I don't need falsies. TF "Better Than Sex," Mascara has all you need for big fluffy lashes. With my fine lashes it only takes 1 coat to get them big and volumized, but I usually do two coats just for fun. 

Brand Claims: Smudge-Proof, All Day Wear, 100% Longer Lashes, 100% Dramatic Volume.

Price: $23.00

Online Shopper: BUY HERE

"Benefit Cosmetics": They're Real! Lengthening Mascara"
The first time I used "They're Real," was when a mini size came in my IPSY Glam Bag. I literally used this mascara tester once and then  jumped online to order a normal size. I'm obsessed. It's one of those mascaras that you kind of forget how much you love until you use it, and than it's all you use. This is my go-to mascara on the days were I'm keeping my eyes more neutral and natural with no eyeliner. It's perfect for those casual no makeup- makeup days. 

Brand Claims: Doesn't Dry out or Smudge. Lengthens, Curls, Volumizes, Lifts, and Separates.

Price: $23.00
Online Shopper: BUY HERE

And that's my 6 favorite mascaras that I am confident you'll find you love as much as I do. Whatever your preference or price-range, I know you'll find something within each of these mascaras that make you throw it on your list of "Must Haves." Happy Mascara Shopping, My Dolls. Leave me a Comment on your MUST HAVE Mascara!!

Always Remember to Love & Be Your Own Kind of Beautiful! 


Tuesday, May 9, 2017

Beauty Didn't Change My Life.

"Hairdressers are a wonderful breed. You work one-on-one with another human being, and the object is to make them feel so much better, and to look at themselves with a twinkle in their eye"
 - Vidal Sassoon

"How did Beauty Change your life," is the question they ask you on the last Tuesday of your cosmetology program. And there you are standing in front of roughly 35-50 people trying to give an answer that makes sense to everyone else; like what caused you to come to beauty school and what you love about the industry. For months I had been thinking about what I was going to say when they asked me but once I got up there I kind of forgot everything, mumbled a few words, cried, laughed, and awkwardly made my exit in true Ashlee fashion. 

My way with words are less than impressive when I'm talking to a crowd, so I figured, it's been a little over 2 months since I was asked that question and now felt like a good time to give my true, honest answer: 

How Did Beauty Change Your Life?

Beauty didn't change my life. 
Beauty as in Makeup, Hair, and Fashion didn't change my life!

Is this the answer you were expecting? Probably not. But let me explain:

The day I walked into Bellus Academy I told myself that I wasn't going to become the "Best" Cosmetologist. I never considered myself a makeup artist but simply a girl who enjoyed playing with makeup. I thought if I could become decent at coloring hair I could become a Colorist but I was in no way out to be labeled one. You See, I had it embedded in my brain that I would never stand out as someone who could do Hair and Makeup well. I wasn't good enough. I learned everything I knew from others and tried to pass it as my own abilities. I would always be "last" and never come in first. you know, the whole "always a bridesmaid never a bride" thing? Yeah, that was my way of thinking when it came to doing Hair and Makeup. I was mediocre. These are things I was told at one point in my life in some way or another by people who at the time I was inspired by. Throughout my program I'd hear stories of why some girls were in school and surprisingly some of their stories mirrored mine. The story was short and simple: To Prove someone wrong. That was the end goal. After 2 months into my 11 month program, I realized how completely wrong I was for going into it with that state of mind. And then, something changed. 

Beauty Didn't Change my life. 

Your program is done in increments. 2 months spent in a classroom learning the basics and practicing for your stateboard test. The next 2 months you learn about cut and color; and the next 7 months you're on the floor taking clients. It doesn't seem that complex but it really is. It's exhausting, time consuming, annoying, exciting, frustrating, easy, difficult...I could go on. It leaves you thinking that you'll never make it through and that there is no way beauty could change your life because beauty, in fact, is the most tiring thing ever. These are all the feelings I had throughout my 11 month program. But remember what I said -- something changed. 

Beauty Didn't Change My Life. 

I started my program alone - literally - I was the only day time new start for Cosmetology and the rest were estheticians. I also started my program alone in the way where I didn't know a single person, everyone had their groups of friends, and I was the odd man out as per usual. When you battle with anxiety, going into a new setting where you are surrounded by a lot of loud personalities can be really overwhelming; especially when these personalities are into makeup and hair like you. You know, it goes back to that whole "you'll never do it better then them," thing. 

I slowly started talking to some of the girls around the school, not really opening up to anyone but making time go by without feeling completely alone. By the 3rd month I was in the cut class with a whole new group of girls and 3 more joined us for the color class. I began making friends, having people to sit with during theory and lunch. And before I knew it I began to make friends with people who I knew would be around long after our program had ended. A few of us went on a trip to Las Vegas for Wella Trend Vision, a huge hair show that happens every year. When we came back not only did I feel really inspired to continue learning more about my passion of this industry, but I realized I had some really great friends at Bellus. When I got on the floor a few of those girls who I began to be close with graduated but that's when a new wave of girls started. 

Beauty Didn't Change My Life. 

At this point in my program I had opened up completely. Always making a loud entrance, coffee always in hand, a joke to tell, a dance move to show. I was the Ashlee that my outside of school friends and family know and love. I knew everyone and I was always having a conversation with someone in the building. My Confidence was rising and I began to really believe in myself as a person and as a Cosmetologist. I started to get to know some of the new girls who were just starting their program and before long I got the nickname "Felks" or "Mama Felks" - I was the person who everyone began to come to for advice or even just a mid-day laugh. I don't know how it happened or even why. I have always tried to be that person people feel comfortable coming to but I in no way thought as myself to actually be that person. Looking back now, I'm glad I became that person for my Bellus Babes. 

11 months later, from my start date, I was set to clock out for the last time. 

"How did Beauty Change your life," is the question they ask you on the last Tuesday of your cosmetology program. And there you are standing in front of roughly 35-50 people trying to give an answer that makes sense to everyone else; like what caused you to come to beauty school and what you love about the industry. For months I had been thinking about what I was going to say when they asked me but once I got up there I kind of forgot everything, mumbled a few words, cried, laughed, and awkwardly made my exit in true Ashlee fashion. 

Beauty Didn't Change my Life.

What did change my life you ask? YOU. The Babes of Bellus. The friends I made along the way, the educators and staff who always had my back, the group of girls who lifted me up on my worst of days, who gave me a reason to come to school and push on in my program, the ones who inspired me on a daily without even knowing it, who danced down the hallways with me and in the middle of theory, who would make ugly faces at me across the room until the other person noticed, who had the most raw and unedited conversations about what the meaning of life is, the ones who inspired me to do better and shoot for the best, who asked me for advice whether it had to do with school or outside issues, who said "Thank you," who wrote me sweet little notes the day I graduated, who cried with me the last 2 weeks of my program, the 13 beautiful souls who stood up my last business huddle to tell me and our classmates how much I mean to you, who cried with me the day I left, and who told me they were proud of me when I posted that I got my licensed. 

I started alone, yes. But I didn't finish alone. I have a group of Sisters and Brothers that I never asked for but I am SO glad that I now have. I never knew how much I needed a group of strangers. 

Beauty Didn't Change my Life - You Did!

With Love My Babies, 
Mama Felks