Wednesday, February 8, 2017

Learning Authenticity

When 2017 begun, I knew I wanted my word of the year to be: Authentic. It's something I have been practicing living in for the last month. Thus far, I've learned a few things about living a raw, unedited, Authentic life:

1) It makes others really uncomfortable. 
There's a quote by EE Cummings I really love that says "To be nobody but yourself in a world which is doing its best, night and daY, to make you everybody else means to fight the hardest battle which any human can fight; and never stop fighting." --  Being authentic, and fighting to be as such, tends to make others really uncomfortable. I have realized this through interactions and observations. We live in  a world where being your true self is offensive and it also makes you an outcast; which to me is really disheartening. But since living in my practice of Authenticity, I've realized that me being my most raw self is all about my happiness and my journey. People are going to be upset with you when you have a bad day and people are going to be upset with you when you have a really good day. And not surprisingly, those are usually the people who struggle with living in their truth and authenticity. Just remain true to yourself and enjoy this process. Are you comfortable with your most authentic self? Perfect! You are on the right track. 

2. You have a better grasp on your feelings/emotions. 
I'm a Gemini, so when it comes to emotions and my reaction to things, they are all over the place. But I have been getting more in tune with the things that make me tick, upset, and even happy. And for once in my life...I'm not apologizing for it. I've had too many people in my life try to corrrect me when I'm feeling a certain way; whether it's anxiety, sad, negative, angry...etc. But luckily now,  I am so in tune with my emotions, that I allow myself that time of feeling that way without apologizing about it or having to explain myself. What a beautiful, weightless feeling.  

3. You learn to set standards to the people around you.
Anyone who treats you less than you deserve is not the kind of people you need I need your life. So learn to set high standards when it comes to your relationships in all aspects of you world. This is something I've been practicing for a few years now, but living in this authentic mind set has really made it easier to cut ties and reject the idea of someone who doesn't fit into my life. This doesn't make you rude or immature, it's the exact opposite actually, in fact it makes you smart and bold. It means you have respect for yourself and you will not tolerate someone who doesn't have respect for you. 

4. You begin to honor where you are in life.
Recently I have re-added the practice of Yoga into my life. It has been the most uplifting, life changing experience. It has evolved this journey of living Authentically into something more than I had imagined. I'm doing a 31 Day Challenge, taught by, Yoga with Adriene and something that really stands out to me is the word of the day for each practice. She is big on honoring where you are that day, which isn't something I had thought much of before. We get into this nasty habit of rushing and of wishing we had more or different. It's a natural human reaction. But instead of rushing and wishing...why dont we try honoring and living where we are in this exact moment? This moments of our lives are crucial and often the important ones we look back on. So breathe into that space of where you happen to be in this moment - and honor it with good intention and love. 

5. Beautiful things start to happen.
It's amazing how change begins to happen when you put positivity into the universe. You begin to see the world in a different light, your relationships change for the better, your relationship with yourself is evolving into something transcendent, and great things just start to happen. I'm loving deeper, living louder, breathing in love and exhaling the toxic, my goals are getting bigger,  my dreams are coming brighter...Life is breathtaking. 

I encourage all of you to begin the practice of living life in your most authentic way. It's not always about getting up each morning to deal with the hustle and bustle just to make it another day. It's about embracing the moments, your journey, yourself...and waking up to just...BE. Join me in living through #yearofauthenticity and  making 2017 the year of YOU!

Love without expecting, Love without Fear....Love, Love, Love!!


Friday, January 13, 2017

5 For Friday: Currents

It's been a while since I did a 5 for Friday. Heck it's been a while since I've written a Blog. But I'm trying to get back into the swing of things and bust out 3-4 a week like the good ol' days! #Goals

Five for Friday

1. Current TV Obsession: 
I've been obsessed with Supernatural. I wasn't really into it before because it was around the time One Tree Hill was on and then eventually The Vampire Diaries began. I would watch snip its of Supernatural but not enough to know what was going on. But now that there are 11 Seasons are on Netflix and the 12th Season is beginning on TV, I figured I'd jump on the bandwagon. Better late than never!! But really..I'm obsessed. And the Winchester Brothers? HELLO!!!

2. Current Book Obsession:
I've been reading "Grace Not Perfection" by Emily Ley. It's about embracing simplicity, celebrating joy, and learning to strive for grace not perfection. I think it's a book perfect for a 20-Something and even a 30-something. As Women, we always put this pressure on ourselves, as well as feel the pressure from society, to be the ones to keep everything in perfect order and line. This of course causes added stress to our daily lives. It's not about being perfect, it's about learning to have grace within ourselves and to ride the waves as they come. BUY IT HERE 

3. Current Beauty Product: 
I love setting sprays, mists, anything that I can spray on my skin before makeup and after makeup. A few months ago Tarte cosmetics came out with a new line called "Rainforest of the Sea," and I've had my eye on their Setting Spray/Skin Mist. I was finally able to pick some up and I'm already on my 2nd bottle. I love spraying it on my face as an added moisture agent before I do my makeup and than once again to set everything in place and add a little more dewy-effect after. BUY IT HERE or at Sephora!

4. Current Excitement: 
I got my State Board Date!!! About 2 months back I was able to Pre-File for my Cosmetology License Exam and received my exam date about 5 weeks later. It was such a surreal moment for me when the paper got handed to me at school. All of these emotions began to flood through me because of how real everything got in that exact moment. I can't believe I have a short month and a half left of school..Gulp

5.  Current Goal: 
My Current Goal is to lose at least 15lbs before my birthday, June 18th.  I kind of already know what I want to do for my 27th Birthday and it requires a cute little party dress. I want to be down a size (or two) before than..So Here we Go!!!!

Happy Friday, Everyone! I hope you have a safe and dry weekend. It's supposed to continue to rain all weekend here in San Diego. No Complaints though..I'm love this weather!! Thanks for sending it to us, East Coast!

Be Your Own Kind of Beautiful & Love, Love, Love


Monday, January 2, 2017

January Goals 2017

At the beginning of each month I try to think of ways to change at least one thing about each of my social media platforms. January is my favorite month to begin change because it's right at the beginning of the year and all these changes make me feel like I have a fresh new start on the whole 365 days ahead of me. I also like to take the time in January to figure out what changes I'd like to make in my life. Who says we need to have our resolutions written out before the clock hits midnight? 

January Goals

1. Health: Speedracer and I have made a pact to have a lifestyle change here in the New Year. The Goal: Eat Clean = Be Healthy. 

2. Home Improvements: We recently got New House Decor for our living room and I would really like to get our walls repainted before we hang them up. I'm hoping to finish this project by the end of the month. 

3. Order Business Cards: I have exactly 2 months left of Cosmetology School. what the heck? And I'd really like to get my Business Cards ordered for the Salon I got a job at. In February I plan on beginning to pass them out too which I am excited about. 

4. Go through my Clothes: I hate clothes, shopping is horrible. BUT, I am in need of a new wardrobe. So what I like to do before I go on a  shopping binge is to get rid of old clothes that don't fit or that I never wear. There is a Goodwill right down the street from our home so I know my clothes are going to good! 

5. Buy a 2017 Planner: I already feel like there is so much going on this year and it's only day two. I really need to get a planner this year because I have a feeling it's going to be busy for not only school, but my career, and our lives here in the SpeedRacer Family. 

What are your Goals for January?

Sunday, January 1, 2017

2017: The Year of Authenticity

Good Morning, 2017. 
We are welcoming the New Year in the mountains, with rainy weather, fire in the fireplace, & hot coffee. It's the perfect way to say hello to the next 365 adventures we are about to embark on. 

Earlier this morning I read "A 2016 Letter to Myself" which I had written around this time last year. If we are speaking from a honest place this morning, I'm actually surprised with how accurate I was with my hopes, wishes, and goals. Usually they are just that..Hopes & Wishes. But I felt confident about 2016 and knew the exact direction I wanted to go in; and damn does it feel good to be sitting here the first morning of 2017 feeling a sense of accomplishment from the year that just passed. Never have I actually done what I set out to do within a New Year Resolution. 

My New Year Resolution for this last year was simple.FEARLESS. That is all I wanted - to be completely fearless. It wasn't easy though. The scared, anxious part of me was having a hard time letting go of the fears I had. I struggled with letting go of the constant need for control on every situation and moment of my life. And I began to learn how to go with the flow. It's amazing how much can change in 365 Days, isn't? To see how different my world is since last year began and how my world is now that 2017 is beginning. Life is a silly, unexpected thing.

Word of the Year: Authentic

Authentic; Real, True, Genuine, Raw.

I've been reading a book that talks about practicing Grace. I have a post all about this book coming up soon. In this book it discusses when you learn to have Grace with yourself and the people around you - You end up finding a place of being completely Authentic. This is something that I've been beginning to work on: Being my Authentic Self.

This last year I truly feel like I have grown into a much better version of Ashlee than I have ever been before. I've grown as a person in more ways than I'd ever imagine. And I believe it's because of letting go of caring about who I feel I am SUPPOSED to be. I've let go of trying to live by doing what others expect of me so that I can make them happy. The insecurities I've had has a person, wife, sister, daughter, friend, professional have begun to wash away in the last few months of 2016. I am more  myself than I have ever been. And because of this, I feel it's only fitting to make my word of 2017: Authentic. 

Here is to you - 2017 - Another year to Grow, Learn, Love, Laugh, Be Fearless, and Being my Authentic Self. Let's do this!!

"This above all: to thine own self be true. And it must follow, as the night the day. Thou canst not then be false to any man."