Well, Hello There! I'm the author of M&M, You can call me Ashlee Michelle. And I'd like to welcome you all to my little humble blog-abode, Makeup & Modified's.

Makeup and Modified's was created to inspire, spread love and uplift your spirit through positivity. I truly believe that we all have a destiny and we should always choose to be our own kind of beautiful - and because of this, Blogging became my safe haven and I've chosen to open up my little world to encourage you to find what makes you feel safe, feel beautiful and happy. From recipes, to life hacks, marriage, and beauty tips - I'm hoping that you all find a little something to take from your time here on Makeup and Modified's. Xo, Enjoy!

You're probably wondering how I came up with the name of this here blog of mine. It wasn't always named 'Makeup and Modifieds.' If you were around from years 2005 - 2013 then you know my blog was named "Life is for the Living, the Forgiving, and For leaving town alive."
It wasn't until that hunky husband of mine, you can call him Speedracer, and I got married April 19th 2014 when I decided to change the name of my blog and start a whole new blogging chapter. I'm a Licensed Cosmetologist & all around beauty obsessed gal. The Speedracer is a dirt track oval stock car racer in a class called "IMCA Modifieds." To perfectly combined the two things we love the most, I came up with "Makeup and Modified's," and thus - this blog baby was born. 

I grew up doing the normal things that any small town kid did. I raced my bike down dirt roads, broke glass bottles with sling shots and rocks, cheered for the towns football team, did musical theatre,  and came home when street lights turned on. My Childhood was nothing less of that in a storybook. I was truly blessed to grow up the way that I did with the family that I have. 

As I grew older, battling with anxiety, I found a safe haven in writing. I had my first diary at age 8 and kept a diary from then on. At 14  I was introduced to the world of blogging through a post I had seen on myspace. At age 15 I decided to start my own blog named "Life is for the Living, the forgiving, and for leaving town alive." And it became my favorite thing I've ever called mine. I would spend my nights in my room just writing and posting, writing and posting. Once I graduated High School, I went to College for Child and Family Development in which I hold a degree in. I worked as a Pre-School teacher for a while but quit to finish school. After graduating I decided to focus on doing what I really love to do:  Hair & Makeup. Which has brought me to where I am today. 

I'm a Licensed Cosmetologist who loves everything hair, makeup, and skin - but my favorite part of my job is making those around me feel as beautiful as they truly are. 

You can follow me on Instagram and Twitter: @ashleefelkner (#amfmakeup) for all things beauty related as well as this here blog where I love writing beauty tips, tricks, and sharing current looks and products I'm loving. 

~ I have 2 congenital heart defects
~ I'm a National Cheerleading Champion
~ I've written for my hometowns newspaper
~ I have 12 tattoos that I absolutely love
~ Harry Potter is my favorite story ever written
~ I was a teacher for 7 years
~ My Husband and I are complete opposites
~ I'm barefoot 97% of the time because I hate shoes
~ My Obsession with Peter Pan is real
~ I believe the world is a better place because of the mountains
~ I can sing country music one minute and headband to rock the next
~ I have an unhealthy addiction to peach tea
~ I want to adopt one day
~ I am terrified of the ocean
~ I know how to drive a tractor
~ I'm a Gemini 
~ I've sang on stage with country singer, Martina McBride - twice!
~ I've won the award for "Best Comedic Relief" 4 times
~ Writing is my best way of communication
~ My Older Sister, Mom, and Dad are my 3 Best Friends
~ I believe in Kindness and I believe in Love


  1. I have had a blast stalking your blog :)

    1. Aw!!! Thank You! haha I have fun stalking yours too. LOL Enjoy!
      I just put up the first part of Our Wedding Story...so check it out and enjoy!


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